Alice Arno

Alice Arno is an actress that few American's know about. She appeared in thirty-eight movies between 1967 and 1979. Her role as Justine, at 26 years of age, was in a movie called "Justine de Sade" which you see photos from on this page. The movie, by director Claude Pierson, was a classic French ass movie. There were 14 nude scenes with Arno and she showed her beautiful bottom in every one of them. Perhaps most interesting is that Justine de Sade was actually made three times to date. The first (1968) and last (1979) by Jesus Franco and the middle one by Pierson. There is no question that Alice Arno captured the spirit of de Sade writing and her gorgeous body made this movie a classic. Franco made, but never released the xxx '79 version which was finally released with the editing by Joe D'Amato.

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